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“Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages”


I completely missed last Friday’s Russia story, in which CNN apparently erroneously reported a date regarding Trump campaign communications.  By the time I started paying attention, the story had been retracted.  But Glenn would like you to know that he’s outraged:

Glenn spills 3217 words on this deeply humiliating debacle- the most humiliating that the US media has suffered in ages, dontcha know. Click if you want, but it literally takes longer to read his screed that the report remained live. Gotta try to be measured, but what sort of person a) really believes that the retracted story is more “humiliating” than anything else that has happened to the US media in “ages,” and b) is willing to write 3217 words in service of that belief? FWIW, I think being found to have put your news organization at the service of a pro-Trump crypto-libertarian crank for the greater part of a Presidential campaign is perhaps a touch more “humiliating.”

I guess maybe it makes sense if we define “ages” as “three hours?”


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