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Do bipartisan cyborgs dream of electoral sheep?


Trump’s latest crazy-ass disjointed stream of consciousness parody mashup of Bob Dylan 1960s liner notes and Molly Bloom on acid is hard to get through. I suggest turning to Joy Reid’s twitter summary if you want to avoid too much brain damage. Key observation: “It is absolutely stunning that this person is president of the United States.” (ETA: See also Charlie Pierce.)

Maggie Haberman is getting all snippy with critics who aren’t happy that the Times lets Trump ramble on and on while providing essentially zero pushback to any of his dozens of preposterous lies.

She sets up a transparently false dichotomy between either doing the journalistic equivalent of a courtroom cross-examination or engaging in literal stenography. I mean I can see an argument for largely staying out of the way as spatters his lunacy all over the page, but letting him repeat completely delusional nonsense over and over again — and he does: read the transcript if you dare — without any comment whatsoever has a distinctly Orwellian or perhaps Kafkaesque flavor.

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