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Did You Ever Want to Know Dennis Prager’s Fetishes? No? Too Bad.



Pictured: unknown slut and Dennis Prager

Some folks would rather do anything rather than blame men for their transgressions. Some want to blame liberals, feminists, sexy women, that body pillow waifu with eyes that follow you around the room…You get the picture. But most wouldn’t reveal their own sex fantasies while desperately flailing around for reasons men don’t suck. Oh, who am I kidding? We see into the gross brains of the Virgin Conservatives all the time. And now you will gaze upon Dennis Prager’s brain, god have mercy on your soul.

One of the proofs that “higher” education makes people more foolish, more naïve, and often even more ignorant about life than those who never attended college is the widespread belief among the well-educated that when men sexually objectify women, it means that they are misogynists, haters of women. So, here is a list of eight truths about males and sexual objectification for those who have a degree in any of the “social sciences.”

Get ready to have your minds blown, sheeple .

2. That such sexual objectification is normal and has nothing to do with misogyny is proved by, among other things, the fact that homosexual men see men to whom they are sexually attracted as sex objects. If heterosexual men are misogynists, homosexual men are man-haters.


3. One reason for this is the almost unique power of the visual to sexually arouse men. Men are aroused just by glancing at a female arm, ankle, calf, thigh, stomach — even without ever seeing the woman’s face. Those legs, calves, arms, etc. are sexual objects. That’s why there are innumerable websites featuring them. There is nothing analogous for women. Of course, a woman can be aroused seeing a particularly handsome and masculine man. But there are no websites for women to stare at men’s legs or other male body parts.

Uh…first of all, I’m pretty sure that’s not true. Second of all, I now cannot stop thinking about Dennis Prager googling ankle porn. But, anyway, conservative men tell themselves the lie that women do not objectify men because if they accepted that they do they’d know they themselves often don’t measure up the way ordinary women often don’t measure up to women who are seen as conventionally attractive sex objects. “Hey, I can’t lose this contest–I’m not even in it!” is a comforting thought for too many men.

4. Every normal heterosexual man who sees a woman as a sexual object can also completely respect her mind, her character, and everything else non-sexual about her. Men do this all the time.

Here’s where I start to get the idea that Prager doesn’t really understand what sexual objectification is.

5. Most heterosexual women also see sexy women as sex objects — and they are hardly misogynists. Ask your wife or girlfriend which would turn her on more: watching a male strip show in front of a female audience or a female strip show in front of a male audience.


6. Lucky is the couple in which the man can sexually objectify his partner. The longer a husband can at least occasionally regard his wife as a sex object, the better their marriage. It is not always easy to perceive the woman you see every day, the mother of your children, as a sexual object. 7. The whole purpose of lingerie and other sexual attire is to render the woman a sex object in her partner’s eyes. Are all the women who wear lingerie, bikinis, cheerleader outfits, or whatever else turns their partner on — and hopefully them as well, one might add — haters of women?

OK, now I’m sure Dennis Prager doesn’t  know what “objectification” means. He’s apparently mistaken it for finding someone attractive or sexually arousing and also don’t show any fucking ankle around Dennis Prager.


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