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Today in Campus P.C.

President Reagan greets Sen. Jesse Helms at a dinner honoring the North Carolina Republican in this June 16, 1983 photo in Washington. (AP Photo, Ed Reinke)

I’m tired of the all-powerful CAMPUS LEFT imposing political orthodoxy on everyone:

After months of controversy and widespread opposition, the UNC Board of Governors on Friday approved a ban on litigation that will prevent the UNC Center for Civil Rights from doing legal work for low-income and minority groups.

The ban would apply to all UNC centers, but would effectively end the civil rights center’s work at UNC’s law school. The future of the center is unclear; its work could continue if it becomes a separate nonprofit group. The center is currently funded with private donations, not state funding.

UNC board members who supported the ban said it’s improper and outside UNC’s mission to engage in legal action against other government entities such as school districts and county boards. Critics of the ban said it would harm UNC students’ legal education, hurt the university’s academic reputation and effectively shut down the center, which was founded by noted civil rights attorney Julius Chambers.


Steve Long, who proposed the ban, said the legal clinics can still support the poor. “Our commitment to civil rights is strong, including mine,” he said.

After the vote, Mark Dorosin, an attorney at the center, stood and asked how the board could say it supported civil rights, after shutting the center down.

A board member interjected, saying Dorosin was out of order. “You’re out of order,” Dorosin said, his voice rising.

Long pretending to be in favor of civil rights while doing this reminds of the National Review‘s defense of Jesse Helms, still the spiritual godfather of the North Carolina Republican Party:

He “opposed civil rights”? Uh, no. He opposed a particular vision of them.

After the board shut down the UNC Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity, this was inevitable. In conclusion, a student at Oberlin once misused the term “appropriation,” which shows that the left is completely intolerant of dissent and Trump won because Republicans avoid the appeals to identity politics that Americans hate.

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