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Are Crackpot Pro-Putin/Trump Conspiracy Theories Credible? Views Differ


The Nation has published the independent analysis of Patrick Lawrence’s embarrassing “the DNC hack was in INSIDE JOB” nonsense it should have done before putting P-Law’s crayon scribbling into virtual print. 聽 SPOILER: the technical claims of the VIPS memo P-Law presents as fact do not hold up at all.

Despite this, vanden Heuvel refuses to retract the original article, which never should have been published in the first place, and instead presents this as a “shape of the world, views differ” issue. And, again, it’s worth noting that P-Law is not a disinterested expert who may have made a mistake in good faith, but a hack who openly declared when the story first started breaking that Russian interference in the election was unpossible and no evidence could ever convince him otherwise.

I’m glad The Nation published the facts but they really should retract the original article, and they also need to start letting P-Law post his conspiracy theories on H.A. Goodman’s Facebook page rather than under its own banner.


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