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Strikes Against Trump



As I have stated, I am highly skeptical of (mostly) white radicals calling for a “general strike” against Trump because it feels like a bunch of privileged people asking workers to play the leading role in a drama that is not their own. I expressed the same to Bryce Covert in this piece she wrote at Think Progress. I think she does a great job here because she focuses on the variety of labor-based actions that are happening in response to Trump. It doesn’t matter whether they are a “general strike” or whatever you want to call them. What matters is that workers themselves are making choices to act against fascism, whether that is immigrants engaging in “Day Without an Immigrant” actions or whether the “Day Without Women” happens on March 8. The reality is that you never know what is going to lead the spark for massive change. Maybe none of this does. But maybe it does. And if you don’t keep trying to organize actions that empower yourself and your friends and family, the spark never happens.

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