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Is it better to have a vote on your bill and lose than to never have a vote on your bill at all?


Even with the usual and necessary warnings about the potential for Republican huggery, muggery and thuggery, I think the Business Insider’s portrayal of today’s events is spot on.


GOP leadership pulled the American Health Care Act from what looked almost certain to be a failed floor vote Friday, in a blow to President Donald Trump’s agenda and House Speaker Paul Ryan’s leadership of his caucus.

The move came as it became clear that Republicans did not have enough votes to pass their bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

The GOP had seven years to come up with a plan that could baffle enough people with bullshit, a clear majority in the House and a president who may have mentioned his ability to make deals one or twice. Yet chest beating and posturing was followed by scrambling and gibbering and then: They. Choked.

More accurately, they engaged in a heavy bout of auto-asphyxiation.

Republican leaders faced opposition from both hardline conservative House lawmakers and moderates.

GOP leaders appeared to concede Thursday that they did not have the necessary votes. But Trump pushed for a vote, even issuing an ultimatum on Thursday night. Trump, via a message delivered by Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney to House Republicans, said the caucus could either pass the bill Friday or he would move on to other priorities. The gambit did not appear to convince many to swing their votes.

This is probably due to the fact that Vote for a bill that’s less popular than a dose of the clap or do what your constituents want you to do was not, in fact, an ultimatum. It was yet another collection of mouth noises from the world’s greatest spokesmodel for white exceptionalism.

And now this spoof of a human is blaming Democrats (193 members in the House) for the fact that the Republicans (237 members) couldn’t get enough votes. Or at least that’s the current for public consumption line. This is a humiliating day for the entire Republican Party, but especially their very spoiled and abusive leader. A man who can’t stand to be told No, hates to be seen as a failure and takes to the concept of personal responsibility like a duck takes to public accounting. Yesterday he had already started to blame Ryan and I expect members of the Freedom Carcass and any Republican who announced their intention to vote No is on the shit list.

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