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Well, At Least This Didn’t Result In Donald Trump Becoming President or Something



I’m trying and failing to wrap my mind around a scenario in which Bill or Hillary Clinton paid $25 million to people they defrauded by offering “seminars” which were essentially nothing but high-pressure sales pitches to purchase access to future sales pitches. I mean, a years-long scandal that would ultimately result in the second impeachment of a president in American history was created out of the Clintons losing money in a minor Arkansas land deal, a deal that not only involved no illegal behavior but no unethical behavior on the part of the Clintons. This year, lengthy articles were written literally trying to create scandals out of Clinton Foundation donors asking for meetings with Hillary Clinton and generally not even getting them. Coverage of the 2016 election campaign in which Clinton ran against a racist con man and alleged serial sexual assaulter was dominated by Clinton’s perfectly legal decision to use a private email server. If either Clinton had actually bilked large numbers of desperate people out of their money…I can’t even imagine. I assume they’d still be hanging on a lamppost on Eighth Avenue.

When Donald Trump swindles a lot of ordinary people out of their money, though, he can’t even get above the fold. It really is amazing. To review:

  • James Comey announces the existence of unread emails, on a computer not belonging to Hillary Clinton, pertaining to a trivial pseudo-scandal. [Covered like a Kanye/Kate Middleton sex tape.]
  • Donald Trump pays $25 million dollars to settle with ordinary people he swindled out of considerably more than $25 million. [¯\_(ツ)_/¯]

It’s all fun and games until millions of people lose their health insurance, Miami is under two feet of water and a guy who a Republican Senate deemed too racist to be a District Court judge in 1986 is the Attorney General of the United States. 


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