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To be or not to be?


A thing that should go without saying (but it doesn’t so here’s someone saying it).

Every one of the above pundits who is blaming identity politics and political correctness for Trump, it can’t be stressed enough, hated identity politics to begin with, and would have regardless of who won. They’re jamming a long-held dislike into a topical and convenient narrative—an act that could be dismissed as cynical self-flattery if it wasn’t, in the face of an upsurge of reactionary politics, also helping provide ideological cover for racists and demagogues.

I don’t think Johnson includes the pundits who are spouting the Acknowledging people who have non-default identities (in a nice way) loses elections line, in the racist/demagogue basket, but they belong there. Hiding behind Trump doesn’t mean they aren’t bigoted, just chickenshit.

OT Update – Identikit in full. You’re quite welcome.

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