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Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings Continue to Destroy America



Rod Dreher:

Virtue-signaling at its finest, from tomorrow’s generation of American elites

What exactly is this outrage?

Brown University students are returning to classes this semester to find free tampons and sanitary napkins in academic building bathrooms.

Truly, this represents the death of all cultural standards in the United States. Soon, campus restrooms may even begin to offer moochers free luxury items like hot water, soap and toilet paper rather than making students bring such items themselves as Sam Brownback intended. This policy will destroy America again, after it was destroyed by trigger warnings and Robert Mapplethorpe.

Meanwhile, this comment is outstanding whether it’s parody or not:

Man, this is bad enough on its own terms, but the thought of looking ridiculous in front of Vladimir Putin is what makes it truly intolerable. I’m going to put plutonium in someone’s cereal tomorrow morning to help America get its mojo back.

[Via of course]

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