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So, You’re Offering George W. Bush With More Tax Cuts?



Rubio’s answer to the question of whether he disagrees with Romney or G. W. Bush about anything is indeed priceless:

Well, we’re in a different era. For example, my policies are about taking free enterprise and limited government, but applying them to the unique challenges of the 21st century. So you’ll hear me spend a tremendous amount of time talking about higher-education reform. Our higher-education model is outdated. And I proposed concrete bipartisan ideas about how to fix some of those things. We’re in an era now of increased global competition where America no longer can put in place policies because we think ideologically it’s a good or bad idea. The fundamental question is does it make us competitive again. And on many of those issues, I’ve offered solutions and ideas that no Republican’s ever talked about before because they were not part of the 20th century debate.

I’ll take these words next to each other as a “no.” In addition, I will observe that there’s a long history of both politicians and pundits using the march of time as a substitute for an argument. My favorite example of this is Joe Klein’s assertion that while Social Security was fine for the “industrial age” we need private accounts for the “information age.” So, work is becoming less stable and less likely to offer pension benefits, so we need public pensions…less? What? Somehow, it makes even less sense than Rubio’s “to respond to the unique challenges of the 21st century, we need the upper-class tax cuts and wars Republicans brought to the 20th and all previous years of the 21st century.”

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