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They’re Just Trying to Make It What They Want


I’d like for this to be the last post I write about Gamergate. I could be being optimistic, but I just feel like we may be saying “goodbye and good riddance” to it soon. Yesterday, I checked the hashtag’s activity and the most popular tweets belonged to people who are anti-gamergate. Not the case today. But I saw yesterday’s activity as a good sign that perhaps GG was past its sell by date. Let’s face it: everybody who  matters is anti-GG. Prominent voices in gaming and popular culture have denounced GG because they recognize it as the thinly-veiled excuse for misogyny that it is. And, honestly, I just don’t think most of the Gamergaters are even trying anymore. The linked article is about some GG dead-enders and their get-together at a strip club. There they railed about Social Justice Warriors. So, to tally: two token women, ignored strippers and lotsa arglebargle about Social Justice Warriors. Gosh, it’s almost like Gamgergate is about silencing women who game or have opinions about gaming rather than ethics in journalism.

Ken White has a good take on this mess. Most of his points are incisive, though he tries to “both sides” things a bit. But the tinfoil-hatters in his comment section make it a fun read. My favorite was from a gamer (I guess) who–purporting to speak for all gamers (I guess)–huffed that “gamers don’t like identity politics.” OK, but…MANY OF GAMERGATE’S CRITICS ARE…ALSO GAMERS. YOU F*CKING DUMBSHIT.

I will be so glad when I don’t have to post about this anymore.

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