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Tip Your Waitress Over


Megan McArdle is trying her stand-up act online.


But that sounds so boring compared to War on Women! And so that’s the narrative the Internet chose. Here’s a representative tweet from my feed this morning:

So let’s all deny women birth control & get closer to harass them when they’re going in for repro health services. BECAUSE FREEDOM.

Logically, this is incoherent, unless you actually believe that it is impossible to buy birth control without a side payment from your employer. (If you are under this tragic misimpression, then be of good cheer! Generic birth control pills are available from the drugstore for about $25 a month.)

Yeah, no biggie, assuming that that’s the kind of birth control you want/need and you aren’t poor.  Also, there’s the whole principle of the thing. But this principle is just so damn SILLY. Why won’t the poor and middle class sluts just admit their family planning needs are goofy?


I like to think that I care about both the women and the religious conservatives who share this great nation of ours.

I’m sure you would. Try the veal. Something something Himilayan pink salt. I dunno. Unlike giggly Megan, I’m not much in the mood for jokes.

UPDATE: Well, I’m an idiot for not reading Scott’s post. So this post is redundant. But can the fact that Megan McArdle is a horrible human being really be said enough?

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