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Standing Athwart History Yelling “Derp”


Shorter Verbatim Erick Erickson:

In December of 1865, the several American states ratified the 13th amendment, constitutionally ending involuntary servitude in the United States. In the 21st century, Americans are coming full circle. In a number of states, a black man can again be forced by the government to work involuntarily for a white man.

In addition to the obvious, on Erickson’s own idiotic terms (i.e. “requirements that public accommodations be open to all comers with deep common law roots are like chattel slavery”), this is now true in every state. Anyway, I’m sure equating civil rights with slavery will greatly aid in Republican minority outreach.

[Joke expropriated from Warren Terra and Zandar. The 13th Amendment is dead, after all.]

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