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Talk Amongst Yourselves


A couple of Wednesday morning conversation-starters…

*The first thing I wanted to address is my embarrassing holes. This is a family blog, so, no,  this has nothing to do with my nostrils (which are real and exquisite.) It’s about holes in my…musical history, let’s say.

I’ve always loved music. Like, even when I was really little. But, of course, it’s when you get older that you have control over your listening habits.

When I was a teen, I had the same diverse taste I have today. But I tended to fixate on a handful or so groups/artists at a time and completely immerse myself in their works, while letting other artists go unlistened-to. YES, unlistened-to. So there are these weird, embarrassing holes in my musical history.

It seems like when you love music, there are artists that you must be familiar with. I hear the names over and over again. Some of them are from decades past–think Big Star or Captain Beefheart. Or they’re a bit more contemporary–think Nick Cave or Elvis Costello. But, see, for whatever reason, I know next to nothing about the aforementioned artists. And, honestly, I’m not sure how I missed them, even with my rabbit-holing habits. I just did. Now, there are a lot of artists out there…here’s a REALLY embarrassing one: THE SMITHS…I never got to know. But it seems like all “music people” know them. Could I get to know them? Sure. But there comes a point where getting to know them feels like homework to me. Like that classic movie you “must see.”

Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone else have…embarrassing holes?

*Moving on, I have some questions for “Walking Dead” watchers. SPOILERS ARE MENTIONED, PLEASE READ WITH CAUTION.

  1. What are your thoughts on the return of The Governor? It seems like the show did a great deal to humanize him in one episode, then turned around and had him go Hyde in the next. Did that seem jarring to you? Do you think it was smart writing?
  2. Do you have any interest in knowing about the zombie virus? Did the government create it? Was it airborne, was it injected? Are the babies who are being born right now (Judith) infected with it? If every last person is infected, isn’t fighting on rather futile?
  3. What did you think of the symbolism of The Governor hanging laundry between the tank and the trailer?

Talk amongst yourselves.

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