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Stop the Oppression!


Sorry to intrude on Paul’s beat, but I can’t resist this story about a eighteenth-tier law school asserting a First Amendment right to rip off its students with taxpayer-guaranteed money without informing them of the chances that attending the school will help them practice law:

A California law school is claiming that it has a First Amendment right not to help students find out how many of its graduates are passing the state’s bar exam.

Southern California Institute of Law is suing bar association officials for requiring that it include information on its website advising students where they can view exam passage rates online.

The school argues — in a federal lawsuit filed February — that the rule infringes on its speech rights. It claims that it forces them to endorse the notion that a school’s exam passage rate reflects the quality of its legal education. SCIL thinks one has nothing to do with the other.

I’m glad SCIL is standing up to the tyranny of even marginally informed consent. I wonder where these attacks on free speech fit into Anil Dash’s matrix of oppression? I’d guess that it would rank as a little less severe than “people complaining about misuse of the phrase ‘begging the question'” but worse than the Scottsboro Boys trial.

Their justification for the suit is, it must be said, refreshingly candid:

None of the 43 SCIL graduates who took the 2012 California Bar Examination passed, according to state data. Over the course of a dozen test cycles between 2007 and 2012, SCIL graduates failed 93% of the time, the defendants claim.

“There are good years, and there are bad years when it comes to bar passage,” said SCIL’s attorney, George Shohet. “It’s not something that the school can control.” He said going to law school and passing the bar require “different skill sets.”

And, of course, having to disclose information about bar passage isn’t the only way in which SCIL is being oppressed:

In the original complaint, SCIL also objected to a new requirement that California-accredited law schools maintain a pass rate of at least 40%.

SCIL doesn’t need your phoney-baloney fascist “bar passage requirements.” They’ll take your taxpayer money, but they’re not going to give you an education or anything.

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