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Another Superb Hire By Fox News


Shorter Howie Kurtz: [fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap, fap] “Hey, who the hell opened the door? I need to complete my piece on how scandalous it is when relatives of vaguely famous people post not-very-revealing but still HAWT pictures on the Friendster or whatever the kids are calling it these days.”

…and we can declare a winner of the internets for today:

Yet Kurtz is doing the job he was hired to do. By writing a post on an issue that doesn’t exist; whose only connection to significance is Georgetown establishment; whose motivation is transparently communal prurience; whose execution is so nakedly lacking in meaningful editorial supervision; whose publication is being thoroughly giggled about on Twitter; and whose facts are unimpeachable, Kurtz is elevating the editorial standards of Fox News.

Actually, “facts are unimpeachable” isn’t right — the assertion that photos of someone’s back are “R-rated” earns twenty Pinocchios on fire — but othewise les mots juste.

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