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St. Ralph Speaks!


The man who made Iraq, massive upper-class tax cuts and Sam Alito possible, while reassuring us all the while that a man who governed to the right of the Texas legislature was a harmless moderate indistinguishable from Al Gore, would like to share some insights into American politics:

Nader will always be linked with the close 2000 election, in which some accused Nader of siphoning crucial votes away from then-Vice President Al Gore in his campaign against George W. Bush. Nader’s been a bit surprised to see the 43rd president enjoy a bit of a resurgence in public approval ratings.

“What happens when presidents leave office is the succeeding presidents do not attack them because they don’t want to be attacked by who succeeds them. So you don’t get the public reminders of the devastating economic policies against working families, and the working poor in this country by George W. Bush or the devastating foreign military quagmire that he got us in or the devastating tax cuts for the wealthy, which started huge deficits.”


Nader is out with a new collection of columns called “I Told You So,” and he expressed a bit of disappointment that Washington, D.C. rewards those who get things wrong over those like, well, himself.

No, fuck you!

UPDATE: No, seriously, fuck you!

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