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Your Afternoon CTU Reading List


1. Sarah Jaffe on the liberal pundits, including Nocera and Kristof at the Times, repeating right-wing talking points about unions.

2. Dave Zirin compares the CTU strike to the plutocrat NFL owners locking out the referees and the plutocrat NHL owners who are going to lock out the players this weekend.

3. Liza Featherstone argues that if the city stopped funding privatization experiments that it could do a lot more with its public schools.

4. In case you still need a primer on the issues, John Cook provides a good one over at Gawker.

5. Rahm Emanuel of course sends his kids to a private school. As Mike Elk points out, the director of that school opposes the standardized testing Rahm so loves. Good education for the elite, testing for the proles!

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