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Jamelle has more.   The basic con Brooks is running for the Ryan budget is that because Ryan refuses to specify the specific cuts that would flow from his plan for upper class tax cuts and increased defense spending, it’s not fair for anyone to point out anything that would need to be cut. It’s a nice scam.

…I figured the primary purpose of the column was to give Charles something to write about on a slow news Friday, and voila:

Considering that Ryan’s “budget” — which is unworthy of the name, but that’s another fight for another day — depends on mathematic designed by Bighorn sheep, it seems only fair to let the president speculate on his own basis what will happen if we allow the zombie-eyed granny-starving to proceed. What we do know is that Paul Ryan, in his deepest political soul, where he is a teenage boy having a Penthouse Forum moment with Dagny Taggart, doesn’t believe that financial aid, medical research, and early-childhood education are legitimate functions of the national government. It seems safe to assume, although Ryan doesn’t have the moral backbone to admit it publicly, that all of these programs would fare less well under his idea of government.

I forgot to mention — Bobo cites the fact-chucking of the most useless organization in the known universe about Medicare as authoritative. Really.

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