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I spend a lot of time around college students. As do all the writers of this blog and an impressive chunk of the readership. I feel like I know the young person’s mind as well any professor can. And, as a graduate of the University of Oregon, I know that undergraduates like a good riot every now and again. But unlike Oregon, where people rioted in order to not have their parties broken up, Penn State University undergraduates like to riot in favor of child rape.

Now, I don’t know if anyone out here is really going to defend Penn St. students rioting in support of Joe Paterno doing nothing when he knew his defensive coordinator was raping children. But if you would, you might say that college football is corrupt and that it brings out the worst in undergraduates. And I would agree with that. I love college football, but I know the institution is rife with hypocrisy and corruption. I lived in Knoxville in the late 90s when the Tennessee Volunteers won their national championship. University of Tennessee administrators were very excited by this because applications for admission skyrocketed the next year. I was outraged–what school would even want students who were attracted to the institution because of its football program (outside of football players)? Tennessee of course. In Pennsylvania, although Penn St. is a very fine institution of higher education, I understand that the kind of kids who want to go to a football school go to Penn St instead of Pittsburgh or Temple.

But even given that these may not be our finest specimen of undergraduate here, who comes out in support of a coach who covered up child rape, even if he is an icon? A lot of people have a lot of soul-searching to do. And if my kid were involved in such a riot for such a reason, I would refuse to pay for their education at that school any longer.

….And of course the police do nothing to stop this riot but a bunch of students protesting at Berkeley, well, that’s a scary threat that needs to be crushed with maximum force!

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