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Andrew Cuomo Shows Where His Interests Lie


Sarah Jaffe on the atrocious Andrew Cuomo and his hard work to protect millionaires from taxes.

I especially like when Cuomo compares his own fight to eliminate New York’s millionaire tax to his father’s fight against the death penalty:

“My father was governor of this state. He was against the death penalty. Everyone in the state wanted the death penalty — everyone. It was near 80 percent. And he was the governor of the state and he said he wasn’t going to sign it. Every year — go back and talk to some of the people who know the history — every year we had to scramble and make sure there wasn’t an override of the veto. . . .

“The point is, we don’t elect — the governor isn’t a big poll taking machine. And that’s what we do, we take a poll and do whatever the poll says and you wouldn’t need me … so the fact that everyone wants it, that doesn’t mean all that much. I respect the people, their opinion matters, but I’m not going to go back and forth with the political winds.”

That is a special kind of hackery right there.

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