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[The following post was written for mature audiences.  Reader discretion is advised.]

The Donalde caught me cursing, which as we all know I never do.  Well, actually, the Donalde caught my student cursing, which as we all know they never do either.  Then he proved I’ve cursed before by linking to an unformatted comment in a post that deemed me “insufferable” for writing those visual rhetoric posts you love—or at least the ones that receive the most random positive feedback.  Because he’s the Donalde, he fails to realize that I was being purposely insufferable because I’d been called “insufferable,” and that I sarcastically answered the question “What the fucking fuck?” with “Q.F.E.F.D.” But alas!  It is not in the Donalde to recognize such things.

However, it is in the Donalde to end a post in which he castigates me for cursing by calling me an “asshat.”  He does as well with irony as he does sarcasm and Google: he suggests that I use the word “cocksucker” in private, when I not only use it quite publicly, I think it can be fucking poetry.

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