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Several of our commenters called it:

Now it’s getting a little clearer: Obama will throw his support behind the bipartisan effort in the Senate to turn the Simpson-Bowles plan into legislation (sidenote: called it). This will raise as many questions as it answers — if Obama is such a fan of this approach, for instance, why didn’t he say more about it during his budget? — but it is, at base, a more realistic plan both in terms of policy and politics.

Great. So now an insanely reactionary destroy-the-welfare-state-to-fund-upper-class-tax-cuts plan is the Republican view, and a highly reactionary slash-spending-to-preserve-upper-class-tax-cuts plan is the Democratic view. Even if the Catfood Commission can’t pass, the politics are nearly as bad as the policy merits. The Catfood Commission report contains tons of unpopular stuff, and nobody actually cares about the deficit. If Obama endorses it, it’s absolutely indefensible.

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