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Ignore this post, it’s just for the record.*


This is completely irrelevant and I apologize in advance for posting it, but as it’s been recommended by people with law degrees that I track this closely and keep it out in the open, The Donalde has again claimed that I threatened his life … by threatening to throw journalism students at him.  (Which, as anyone who knows me knows, is extremely unlikely unless said students have bird-bones, and in that case wouldn’t actually constitute a threat.) Which is only to say, it saddens me (and the profession) that a tenured faculty member thinks I’m a “[m]urderous progressive bastard” because I wrote:

The Donalde, I am absolutely serious here: try to drive traffic to your shit site one more time on this thread and I will end you. Remember, before I taught composition, I taught journalism, and some of my former students are very, very intrepid.

So yes … if you believe that “taught journalism” is a euphemism for “training highly trained snipers with training in death,” then I supposed I must’ve threatened him.  But if you’re someone who knows what I’ve actually been trained in — and that any sniper trained by me wouldn’t know how to load a rifle, much less hit the broad side of a barn — I think you’d realize that The Donalde’s trying to smear my name via claims he can’t support with evidence.

*You probably thought I was kidding, but sadly, I’m not.

UPDATE: The Donalde’s forced me to update this post by writing that I’m “bloviating with a bunch of nonsense about how some of his former students graduated from law school,” which is a reference to my having written, as is block-quoted above, that “I taught [and this is my overexerted emphasis]  journalism, and some of my former students are very, very intrepid.”  I’m trying to figure out absurd ways in which his “comprehension” skills can embarrass the profession even more, but I can’t top him.

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