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That Concept, “Free Speech,” I Do Not Think It Means…


Shorter Ann Althouse: If you are not receiving millions of dollars a year and a broadcast platform from the News Corporation to put forward your ideas, your rights to free speech are being violated. Why does the left hate “free speech?” The left should understand that only university instructors should be fired for their political views.

UPDATE:  More here.   It’s easy to find further examples illustrating that Althouse does not believe in the ad hoc definition of “free speech” she criticizes nameless “liberals” for not adhering to.   Althouse is right to say that there are principles of free speech that extend beyond the First Amendment, but it’s idiotic to say that someone who believes that it’s irresponsible for Fox to pay Glenn Beck to spout demonstrably false conspiracy theories on the air doesn’t believe in “free speech.”

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