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Lazy IT&P Blogging


Lots happening in information-technology-and-politics this past week; lots happening with the start of the semester too, so not much time to blog. Here’s a run-down of things I wish I had time to say more about. Go crazy.

1) If you’re not already, you want to follow what’s going on with DOJ and Twitter (and how Twitter is dealing with it) in re the Wikileaks issue. Helpful legal discussion here.

2) Lots of speculation about the role of social media in Tunisia’s revolution and the heartbreaking copy-cat efforts proliferating throughout the region. Micah Sifry provides a useful counterpoint.

3) How concerned should we be over Obama Administration’s proposal for an online ID system? John Whitehead says: plenty. Kaliya Hamlin: we can simmer down over this one. More here.

4) I would like to encourage LGM readers to download this Iphone app and participate in a live-poll of the State of the Union address next week.

5) Did any of you catch the Wikipolitics over Sarah Palin’s use of the term “blood libel?” Humorous to say the least.

6) And, came across this scarily-amusing post by Starbuck from way back in October, comparing Julian Assange to Gaius Baltar. (Disclaimer to those commenters just waiting to pounce on any remotely anti-Assange content posted-by-Charli: ‘scarily-amused’ doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with the analysis or the gendered meta-analysis, only that I’m, well, slightly-creeped-out-also-LMAO. Also by this.)

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