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Channeling his inner Redshirt


In light of Rep. Paul Broun’s nutty invocation of the “Great War of Yankee Aggression” the other day, it’s good to see that actual Confederate wannabees aren’t completely losing their shit over the prospect that 95 percent of Americans might be covered by health insurance.

Never mind. I forgots t’ check with the gomers at the gun counter.

I ran out on some errands this morning, and noticed several things.

The gun store downtown was doing what I suspect was unusually brisk business for an early Saturday morning outside of hunting season. This same gun store’s parking lot was overflowing mid-afternoon yesterday shortly after 3:30 PM, with traffic filling the lot, the nearby on-street parking filled, and overflow parking spilling into the gravel lot next door.

I’ve also seen a minivan with a warning/threat against Obamacare written in red paint on the windows (I didn’t get a great look at it as it was moving in the opposite direction, but I got the gist of it).

This is hardly the equivalent of militiamen forming on the village green, but there seems to be a distinct undercurrent of frustration and rage building against the federal government in general, the tricks of Democratic Party in specific, and tomorrow’s Obamacare may be the catalyst.

Of course, when the “distinct undercurrent” happens to come from your own blog — in which you’d just one day earlier ruled that HCR is a “capital crime” and predicted, a la Orval Faubus, that blood will soon enough drench the streets — I suppose you’d have to be a complete numbskull to overlook the trend.

As for the wider relevance of the War of Northern Aggression to all this, I can only encourage opponents of reform like Rep. Broun to continue insinuating some sort of comparison between the non-existent Obama-Reid-Pelosi conspiracy to seize the聽 health care system and the non-existent Lincoln-Seward-Sumner conspiracy to seize the South’s human chattel.聽 It’s a winner for sure.

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