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Speaking of 1000 Ship Navy…


The Iranians have joined the anti-piracy brigade:

Iranian state radio says Iran has sent a warship to the coast of Somalia to protect its cargo ships against piracy.

The Saturday report says the ship arrived in Somali waters.

The Iranian ship would join vessels from the U.S., Denmark, Italy, Russia and other countries in patrolling the Gulf of Aden, which leads to the Suez Canal and is the quickest route from Asia to Europe and the Americas.

Two observations:

  • There probably is a legitimate Iranian state interest in having their own ships in the Somalia area; were I Iran, I don’t believe I’d trust the US and its allies with the protection of Iranian maritime interests.
  • Joining the fight against piracy is becoming shorthand for “acting like a responsible world citizen”. This appears to be true whether or not the warships in question actually fight against pirates. Appearing to be part of the fight is a shortcut to legitimacy.
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