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I haven’t read Bill Kristol’s latest, but I did stumble across this howler again today while doing Real Work. Apparently, it barely takes a month for his predictions to achieve catastrophic failure.

McCain didn’t just pick a politician who could appeal to Wal-Mart Moms. He picked a Wal-Mart Mom. Indeed, he picked someone who, in 1999, as Wasilla mayor, presided over a wedding of two Wal-Mart associates at the local Wal-Mart. “It was so sweet,” said Palin, according to The Anchorage Daily News. “It was so Wasilla.”

A Wasilla Wal-Mart Mom a heartbeat away? I suspect most voters will say, No problem. And some — perhaps a decisive number — will say, It’s about time.

I suppose it’s also plausible that Kristol is operating in some kind of space-time fold in which his predictions are already failures before he’s even opened his mouth. Last week, I asked one of my classes why Bill Kristol had not been reduced to selling apples or pencils on a street corner somewhere. Half the students had never heard of Bill Kristol; the other half couldn’t really offer a good answer. I’m stumped, too.

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