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Could this possibly be for real?


And if so, should I go?

Dear Professor Farley:

NBC is hosting a one time screening of their new pilot “Revelations”
in Seattle, Washington on March 15th and we would like to invite
students and professors from The University of Washington’s
Political Science Department to come and participate in this event.

This is a groundbreaking show for network television–it asks the
question of whether God and science can fit into the same equation.

To preview the show, we have provided a password, protected Website
that can only be viewed by select universities. The site has a PROMO
of the show and the capability to RSVP online.

As to the first question, everything seems to check out. NBC does appear to be preparing a pilot called “Revelations” starring Bill Pullman, Natascha McElhone, and John Rhys-Davies. Why they would want the input of UW political science faculty and students is, frankly, beyond me.

As to the second question, it’s not a show that I would normally consider watching, and it’s not a topic I’d normally care to discuss in such a forum. On the upside, I wonder if there’s any chance I could meet Natascha McElhone. . . I also suspect that they might make some form of buffet available.

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