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Money Runs Downhill


Another short play from Matt, in reference to Mike Thompson’s modest proposal to expel all the blue states:

Leaving side the obvious fact that Mr. Thompson doesn’t understand the concept of liberalism (here’s a hint: you’re soaking in it), I find the idea that the Red States should want to expel the Blue States extremely amusing. To illustrate the stark absurdity of this proposal, I’ve written a short play.

You know, Daddy Warbucks, I just don’t think this is going to work out. You can take your money and your atheistic elitism, and I’ll take my conservative values and go back to living on the street.

Suits me fine. There are plenty of orphans to be had these days. There’s a depression on, you know. Don’t let the door hit you on your little orphan ass on the way out.

The End

The entire post is very good. And the red state cash flow problem is precisely why we are extraordinarily unlikely to see this administration practice anything close to fiscal discipline over the next four years. It’s telling that foreign investors are starting to take the hint and sell off their dollars.

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