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The next stage of Christian “science”


Paralibris notes the regrettable existence of the “Creation Science (sic) Fair,” featuring such stimulating projects as “Life Doesn’t Come From Non-life,” “Women Were Designed For Homemaking”, and “God Made Kitty.” (There would have been one celebrating the work of Charles Murray, but it was too scientifically shoddy.)

Even more amusement can be had, however, by clicking on the bios at the upper left of the “Objective: Christian Ministries” page. The author of the piece has done stalwart work in protecting Christians against “hatecrimes” perpetrated by such Trotskyite Oganizations as Sears and Piggly-Wiggly. This pales next to achievements of his colleague Troy Franklin, who is “considered one of the foremost in the new school of Baptist demon exorcism specialists.”

However, in light of the recent discussions of game theory on Crooked Timber, I was most interested in the bio of “Diamond” Jack Holgroth. Diamond Jack offers what skeptics such as myself have needed for so long: a game theoretic defense of Christian apologetics! I think you’ll see that, by proper application of the prisoner’s dilemma, that the case for the Golden Rule vs. the “Satanist Credo.” is airtight! When you see that Jesus was trying to get us to play an iterated game as opposed to that one-shot Satan, it all comes together! I don’t recall Jesus being a utilitarian, or arguing that the Golden Rule should be contingent on the success of a “tit for tat” strategy, but admittedly my theology is a bit rusty. (It seems as if getting the money-changers out of the temple has encountered some significant collective action problems, though.)

By the way, I seem to remember reading that Pascal’s Wager can be easily defeated by sophisticated game theory?

UPDATE: Irrational robot, in comments, notes that the site is a parody. (I could have figured that out by trying to google “Fellowship University.” Whoops!) Nontheless, any parody of game theory and Christian Science that deft deserves a look…

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