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This Isn’t Funny Anymore


Can we please do something about this guy? Can you get a pass for aiding terrorist states if you carry water for the GOP in the newspapers you run? I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, I really don’t.

See PandagonKathryn Cramer AtriosTAPPED for more. Nick at TAPPED also provides a link to an article on the Moon family patronage of the Bush family:

During one Moon-sponsored speech in Argentina in November 1996, former President Bush declared, “I want to salute Reverend Moon,” whom Bush praised as “the man with the vision.”
The father of the incoming U.S. president has refused to divulge how much Moon’s organization paid for these speeches which were delivered in the United States, Asia and South America. Some press estimates have put the fees in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, though one former leader of Moon’s Unification Church told me that the organization had earmarked $10 million for the former president. Ex-President Bush’s pro-Moon speeches came at a time, too, when Moon – now 80 – was expressing intensely anti-American views. In the mid-1990s, Moon denounced the United States as “Satan’s harvest” and condemned American women as having descended from a “line of prostitutes.” In a speech to his followers on Aug. 4, 1996, Moon vowed to liquidate American individuality, declaring that his movement would “swallow entire America.” Moon said Americans who insisted on “their privacy and extreme individualism … will be digested.”

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