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On June 7, 1943, 16 black workers at Buckeye Cotton Oil Company in Memphis, a Proctor & Gamble owned operation, went on a wildcat strike in protest of continued workplace discrimination despite federal orders to integrate the defense industry, a sign of the poor enforcement of the Roosevelt administration anti-discrimination initiatives. Racism was as reflected […]
Female machinist, Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, California, 1942. Photo by Alfred T. Palmer On September 19, 1945, 24 fired female employees of the Lindstrom Tool and Toy Company in Bridgeport, Connecticut picketed outside the factory in protest of their firing. It led to nothing, but this brief action is a window into the treatment […]
December 7, 1941. Asian colonial power attacks U.S. colonial outposts in Hawaii and Philippines. Next 74 years sees no awareness by Americans that racist colonialism of Japan and racist colonialism of the United States have a lot in common. Now, that’s being flippant. And yes, the Japanese occupation of the Philippines was exceptionally brutal. But […]
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