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This is the grave of Theodore Roosevelt. OK, where to begin here. I could easily write several thousand words on Roosevelt without even having to think hard about it. So I am going just make 10 points about one of the most well-known people in American history. Otherwise, this post will go on forever. 1) […]
Robert La Follette I tend to choose books for review here rather randomly, often picking something off the new book shelf at my university’s library. So when I saw Michael Wolraich’s new book, I knew nothing about it. I was intrigued and a bit worried I would dislike it. I had two basic reservations. The […]

The Teddy Bears

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On October 7, 2013
I just realized that somehow I never posted The Teddy Bears here before. Imagine a silent movie version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with Teddy Roosevelt coming in at the end for an, um, disturbing ending. And some early version claymation bears. And the bears in full Victorian dress. But mostly that disturbing, bizarre […]
Lewis L. Gould, eminent historian of the Progressive Era presidency, has a new 73-page biography of Theodore Roosevelt. While one might legitimately ask whether we need another biography of the twenty-sixth president, Gould has much to offer in this brisk and innovative interpretation of Roosevelt. No president captures the American imagination like Theodore Roosevelt. Unless […]
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