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Once upon a time a German sociologist from the Frankfurt School wrote a little thesis called “From Caligari to Hitler” about popular imagination being reflective of the mentality that gave rise to fascism through Adolf Hitler. If Siegfried Kracauer were alive today, I am sure he would probably hate everything because he’d be over 100 years […]
God, NBC’s coverage of the Olympics was horrible. Not surprisingly, NBC’s ratings plummeted from previous games. NBC is of course blaming it on the damn kids and their desire to watch events live. Well, isn’t that shocking! Actually being connected to the world and wanting to see action as it happens instead of having it […]

Jessica Jones

On July 15, 2016

I recently completed a bit of an experiment. What if I, someone who has never read a comic book in my life, even when I was a kid, and who is openly hostile to superhero stories, watched a superhero s

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