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The story of the Puget Sound orca carrying around her dead calf for over 2 weeks is incredibly sad and moved a lot of people. That pod of orcas, one of the defining animals of the Northwest, is in danger of extinction because they aren’t reproducing. And they aren’t reproducing because the Chinook salmon is […]

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On December 5, 2015
I realize that most LGM readers don’t spend a lot of time thinking about western natural resource politics. But these issues are central to understanding the politics of the West, particularly within the Republican Party. Western Republicans carry most of the greed, fear-mongering, and racism of the national Republican Party. But these Republicans also have […]
There’s a lot of weird wildlife management going on in the Pacific Northwest. First, you have the killing of barred owls in order to save spotted owls. The barred owls have naturally migrated to the Northwest where they alternatively mate with and/or kill their smaller cousins. But because the environmental movement sued the federal government […]
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