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As I’ve mentioned before, another way of seeing just how bad the Supreme Court’s recent campaign finance decision is to compare it to the infamous 1991 case┬áRust v. Sullivan. In the latter case, the Court upheld the gag order issued by the Reagan administration which prevented medical professionals who receive federal funding from even discussing […]

Sour Emotion

On May 7, 2011

A reader alerted us to this amazingly creepy National Review piece about Steven Tyler’s decision to use marriage an especially gross grant of legal guardianship to legalize a relationship that o

The Slow-Motion Death of Roe

In General
On April 20, 2011
Dahlia Lithwick has an excellent article about the increasing willingness of state legislatures to restrict access to abortion. The facts are depressing: Since the start of this year, 916 measures seeking to regulate reproductive health have been introduced in 49 states. According to the Guttmacher Institute, by the end of March, 15 laws had been […]
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