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This is the grave of Hugh Johnson. Born in Fort Scott, Kansas in 1881, Johnson’s grew up in Oklahoma. His family worked to get him into West Point, which the young man desperately wanted. When it turned out that one of Oklahoma’s choices was too old, Johnson received the appointment. He entered the Academy in […]
On April 2, 1937, workers at the Hershey Chocolate Corporation in Hershey, Pennsylvania sat down on the job. Following the lead of the General Motors workers in Flint, Michigan a few months earlier, these workers demanded the company live up to the contract it had recently signed. Unlike that previous struggle however, Hershey would respond […]
This is the grave of Robert Wagner. Born in Prussia in 1877, Robert Wagner immigrated to the United States with his parents in 1885. Settling in New York, Wagner proved himself a rapidly rising star in Democratic Party politics from a young age. Graduating from City College in 1898 and New York Law School in […]
On September 5, 1934, the governor of North Carolina called out the National Guard to aid mill owners in the textile strike overtaking their state and the east coast. This strike, not only mobilizing the remnant apparel workers of the northeast, but the traditionally anti-union workers of the South, was a shock to the system […]

Book Notes

On July 5, 2016

As I am desperately trying to write the draft of my book on strikes, one of the things I’ve had to sacrifice is writing book reviews here. They take too long to do well. But I did want to note a

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