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Tag: "NCAA football"

LGM Bowl Mania

[ 0 ] December 7, 2009 |

I have created an LGM College Bowl Mania League. First place wins a nifty prize.

League Name: Lawyers, Guns and Money
Password: zevon

Why Does America Hate Ohio State?

[ 0 ] December 5, 2009 |

So I find this interesting (no link, but you can find state by state data here):

Setting aside the utterly unscientific nature of such polls, I’m mildly surprised by the Ducks’ nationwide dominance. I would expect the Ducks to be favored because a) the Ducks are higher ranked, and b) they just won an exciting game on ESPN, while Ohio State hasn’t played since November 21. The extent of the dominance (68-32) is higher than I would have expected, but I’m especially surprised by its geographic extent. Ohio State unsurprisingly wins Ohio, and it does better in the Midwest states of the Big 10, but it gets crushed in border states that don’t have Big 10 teams (71-29 in Kentucky, 70-30 in West Virginia). Even in the other Big 10 states Ohio State doesn’t do particularly well; apart from the 50-50 tie in Iowa, the closest it comes to winning a state is taking 45% in Illinois (and it takes only 35% in Michigan). Are there perhaps two dynamics operating here, with general Big 10 sympathy on one level contradicted by local resentment of Ohio State on another? If so, it’s interesting that the pattern doesn’t appear to be replicated in Pac 10 states, all of which support the Ducks at a pretty high clip (including 82% in Washington, where I’d expect the most resentment).

I suspect the answer may be thus: Ohio State graduates are simply more objectively loathsome than Oregon graduates. Thoughts?

Civil War!!!!!!

[ 0 ] December 4, 2009 |

The most consequential Civil War game ever played will begin shortly. It’s fair to say that over the past six or seven years, the Oregon-Oregon State rivalry has utterly displaced the Oregon-Washington rivalry that dominated my college and graduate school years. It’s all right, everything is all right, the struggle is finished. I have won the victory over myself. I hate the goddamn Beavers.


Starting to Build Up the Hate…

[ 0 ] November 23, 2009 |

You know, the world would be a better place if Joseph C. Avery had never left Pennsylvania.

And All That…

[ 0 ] October 31, 2009 |

Go Ducks, go Phils, go have a safe and happy Halloween!

Open thread for all three…

On Embracing Our Contradictions

[ 0 ] September 26, 2009 |

It should go without saying that I a) substantially agree with all of Scott’s critiques of major NCAA athletics, and b) will be cheering heartily today for both the Cats and the Ducks. For the former, I think this exchange is appropriate:

Moe: All right, Homer, I’m not gonna lie to you. There’s a good
chance you can beat Tatum. But you gotta visualize how
you’re gonna win, okay?
Homer: Gotcha.
[dreams on about his victory]
Announcer: A congenital heart defect has apparently felled Tatum moments
before he could step into the ring.

Go Cats! Go Ducks!

…. Question; do people actually beat rented mules, or is that just an expression?


[ 0 ] September 20, 2009 |

Holy crap. Not only did we not break Oregon State’s hallowed PAC-10 record of futility, thanks to Idaho (for whom one of my future brothers-in-law works for), but on the heels of the 16-13 upset of USC, Washington is in the rather unlikely position of being back in the national top-25.

Where we belong.
This time last year, the UW would have had a difficult time breaking the state top-25.
I was going to say something about English cricket in the one day internationals against Australia, but they somehow managed to win the seventh and final match, thus dragging their record in that series to 1-6. Good thing the Ashes don’t factor in the ODIs.

Not the Sort of Company You Want to Be In

[ 0 ] September 6, 2009 |
Washington 23 – 31 LSU

Unlike my colleague Dr. Farley, I will not be blogging much on the (American) football program of my alma mater.  (Perhaps it’s because we suck?)  I fully expected the University of Washington to not win against LSU yesterday.  Indeed, this speaks to the new depths that this formerly glorious program has reached when I walk away from that game thinking “hey, we only lost by a touchdown or so, that’s great!”

Then I read this final paragraph in the Seattle Times’ account of the game:

It was the 15th straight loss for the Huskies, tying a Pac-10 record set twice previously by Oregon State. The first 14 Washington losses came under Sarkisian’s predecessor, Tyrone Willingham.

Because that makes all the difference.  We tied a record set by Oregon State?  
Bloody hell.

Go Du…… never mind

[ 0 ] September 4, 2009 |

Jesus. Kind of a disaster. Babies are agitated, angry, and fussy. Not an auspicious beginning to the Chip Kelly era.

Bellotti Bumps

[ 0 ] March 13, 2009 |


Mike Bellotti is stepping down as Oregon’s football coach to become the school’s athletic director, and offensive coordinator Chip Kelly will be promoted to head coach.

Bellotti, who has coached the Ducks for the last 14 seasons, takes over his new position July 1, replacing athletic director Pat Kilkenny. Kelly becomes coach on March 30, the opening day of spring practice.

The moves first were announced in December, but no timetable was set for the transition.

Bellotti will serve in the interim as senior counselor to Kilkenny, who will step down June 30.

Oregon’s athletic department scheduled a news conference Saturday to discuss the transition. Bellotti would not comment until then.

Bellotti, 58, has gone 116-55 as coach of the Ducks. This past season Oregon went 10-3 with a 42-31 win over Oklahoma State in the Holiday Bowl. The Ducks finished the season ranked No. 10.

Not really much question that Bellotti was the finest head coach the Ducks have ever had.

"Trust me. It was an important game."

[ 0 ] January 10, 2009 |

This is funny. However, I feel confident in asserting that the AutoZone Liberty Bowl was substantially superior in this respect to the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, where UK played in 2006 and 2007.

Ht Evan.

Bowl Mania Final Standings

[ 0 ] January 9, 2009 |

The Knows Pickers win it! If the winner would furnish me with an address, I will furnish s/he with an appropriate prize. I’m almost (but not quite) inclined to give a prize for last, too; 9-25 is impressive in its own right.

1 Dr. Squid Knows Pickers, C. Carrell 20-14 402
2 Ain’t That Pretty At All, R. Cobeen 17-17 368
3 Foggy Bottom Line, S. Scott 19-15 356
3 long time lurker, J. DeLange 18-16 356
5 enelson44, E. Nelson 18-16 354
6 Cookie Monsters, J. Lobasz 18-16 353
7 Schwyzer, H. Schwyzer 20-14 341
8 Bishus, O. Bishus 18-16 333
9 Gaw, C. Gaw 21-13 331
10 g, s g 21-13 330
11 Evan, E. Robertson 19-15 329
12 gj manatees, b. junge 17-17 320
13 Tha Crusha, T. Militano 16-18 319
14 Seals, C. Seals 18-16 310
15 penasquito, W. Wyatt 15-19 299
16 husker doo, c. rasmussen 17-17 291
17 Kooistra, K. Kooistra 18-16 282
18 Samoan Napoleon Trefoil, J. M 16-18 281
19 Minnesota Venturas, J. Fecke 15-19 278
20 jmack, J. Mackin 13-21 271
21 Jshinola, J Shinola 16-18 270
22 Smith, P. Smith 16-18 269
23 B, J B 15-19 264
24 The Usual Suspect, E. Gomez 16-18 261
25 Drunken Warthogs, S. Ehrlich 15-19 259
26 Go green, go white, W. Chum 12-22 258
27 Girding the Nittany Loins, D. Stefanon 14-20 252
28 Pootie Tang, D. Raskin 13-21 248
29 EV_Debs, B. Alpers 12-22 240
29 Dr. Awkward, Z. Keane 14-20 240
31 Fraud Guy, E. Cerevic 15-19 233
32 Cincinnati Bearded Ducks, R. Farley 16-18 231
33 Stay Classy, C. M 15-19 225
34 With the Russians, too, D. Merrill 15-19 224
35 Ottawa Rough Riders, K. Witter 13-21 191
36 kodos423, k. crockett 12-22 179
37 smith, m. smith 11-23 148
38 Ducking Minerva, M. Power 9-25 128
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