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Wind River

In General
On February 19, 2013
The Wind River Reservation in Wyoming has received a lot of attention lately because of its endemic poverty and high crime rates. It started with this Times article last year about a murder. As things often go, the Times became the trendsetter for a myriad of stories on how the Wind River is America’s worst […]
Nyki Salinas-Duda has an interesting though flawed article about the increasingly tense relationship between the left-leaning Latin American governments elected in recent years and indigenous peoples who helped elect them. Essentially, indigenous peoples have supported politicians like Evo Morales because they provided an alternative to the openly racist governments that have oppressed indigenous people for […]

Russell Means, RIP

On October 22, 2012

The day after George McGovern’s death, we lose another icon of the early 70s left, Russell Means. One of the leaders of the American Indian Movement and one of the architects of the Wounded Knee

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