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Russell Means, RIP

On October 22, 2012

The day after George McGovern’s death, we lose another icon of the early 70s left, Russell Means. One of the leaders of the American Indian Movement and one of the architects of the Wounded Knee

Somewhat to my surprise this morning, I discovered that Conservapedia actually has an entry on the Pequot War. For you non-colonialists out there, the Pequot War was a war of extermination waged by the Puritans in Massachusetts and Connecticut against the Pequots in 1637. Unlike traditional indigenous warfare, the Puritans sought to maximize enemy casualties […]
One of the worst laws of the late 19th century was the 1887 Dawes Act. Allowing the government to gut the Indian reservations by providing small allotments to individual Native Americans and selling the rest of the land to the highest bidder was part of the long-term project to destroy Native American life and culture, […]
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