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On June 21, 1935, three members of the Lumber and Sawmill Workers Union were murdered at the Holmes-Eureka Mill in Eureka, California, by anti-union enforcers of the company. This violent moment was the culmination of the Great Strike of 1935 and the organizing of the Northwest’s timber industry. It also serves as a reminder of […]

Trump and Labor

On June 15, 2017

Not that you didn’t already know the general direction this was going, but Charlotte Garden has a great overview of where the Trump administration is going on labor issues. I will just quote one

On June 10, 1917, the São Paulo general strike began when owners at the Rodolfo Crespi cotton mill refused workers’ demands for a 25 percent wage increase. The workers went on strike, leading to a general strike through the city’s textile mills and displaying how rank and file workers often proved much more effective leaders […]
One of the thousands who donate their fingers to the Lumber Trust. The Trust compensated all with poverty and some with bullets on November 5, 1916. On June 2, 1920, the Smith-Fess Act, better known as the Civilian Vocational Rehabilitation Act, passed Congress. This law provided federal assistance for disabled workers for the first time […]
On May 29, 1941, cartoonists at Disney went on strike. This ultimately successful strike was a critical point in the organizing of Hollywood and also marked the end of Disney’s run as an innovative artistic force, so bitter did it make Walt Disney. Walt Disney was a tremendously successful man in 1941. His work, particularly […]
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