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Arizona teachers are going on strike. Teachers in Arizona held a strike vote on Thursday that launched Arizona’s first-ever statewide walkout and turned down a proposed pay raise — instead demanding increased school funding. The Arizona Education Association and the grass-roots group the Arizona Educators United announced that teachers will walk off the job April […]
Arizona Republicans, worried that its teachers will strike, just offered them a 20% pay increase by 2020. The teachers are demanding an immediate 20% pay increase, whereas this bill only gives them 6%. I am not going to pontificate over whether they should take the deal or not; there are good arguments both ways and […]
On April 5, 1938, oral arguments began before the Supreme Court in the case of NLRB v. Mackay Radio and Telegraph Company. This case, while technically found in favor of labor, showed the very sharp limits of the Court in defending workers’ rights even at the height of the New Deal, when the decision allowed […]
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