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Aqua Buddha Make RAND ANGRY!

[ 24 ] October 18, 2010 |

There was a bit of a fracas last night in Louisville:

Whatever was left of the gloves in the heated Kentucky Senate race came off tonight. In a televised debate from the University of Louisville, Republican nominee Rand Paul lashed out at his Democratic opponent, Jack Conway — even refusing to shake his hand at the end of the debate — saying to Conway at one point “you demean the state of Kentucky.”

For his part, Conway was not afraid to climb down into the muck and take Paul on. He accused Paul of “joining a group known for mocking Christianity” while the Republican was a student at Baylor University and called on Paul to explain why he once “tied a woman up and asked her to worship a false idol.”

Conway clearly had the line of the night (via Joe Sonka):

As Attorney General of Kentucky, I’m always amused to get a lecture in constitutional law from a self-certified ophthalmologist

Media Czech also has some video highlights.


Blue in the Bluegrass…

[ 0 ] October 8, 2010 |

Congrats to Mr. Media Czech on the Maddow shout out!

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This is Not the President Lincoln You’re Looking for…

[ 4 ] August 8, 2010 |

How do you feel about states’ rights, Mr. President?

From Media Czech.

At UW, They Check on this Sort of Thing…

[ 35 ] August 5, 2010 |

Rand Paul lacks both accreditation and a bachelor’s degree?

Rand Paul, the Republican U.S. Senate nominee in Kentucky, holds a medical degree from Duke University but never received a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University, contrary to several media reports in recent months. Baylor officials confirmed this week that Paul was a student there from the fall of 1981 to the summer of 1984 but never obtained a degree. Instead, he left early when Duke accepted him in its School of Medicine. Doug Stafford, a consultant for Paul’s Senate campaign, said Wednesday that Paul has never said he holds a degree from Baylor, only that he attended Baylor in Waco, Texas. Multiple media outlets, including the Lexington Herald-Leader, made an incorrect assumption, he said. “I guess many people and some in the media have assumed Dr. Paul had a bachelor’s degree but he has never said that,” Stafford said.

You can get into Duke med school without a bachelor’s degree? Way back when, I was late sending my undergraduate transcripts to the UW graduate school. In what was surely a instance of anti-Oregon bias, I received a series of increasingly angry and threatening letters from the authorities until I submitted the relevant paperwork, indicating that I had indeed graduated from UO. Apparently they don’t do this at Duke?

…apparently matriculating students without a BA or BS was unusual, but not unknown when Paul entered Duke.

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Jim Bunning Embarrasses Kentucky Again…

[ 12 ] July 29, 2010 |

Thanks, Jim; you’re making the most of your twilight as a US Senator:

A reporter from Politico asked Bunning for his thoughts about Nationals right-hander Stephen Strasburg missing his start on Tuesday with shoulder soreness. Bunning grabbed his arm with a fake exclamation of pain and then decided to question Strasburg’s manhood.

“Five-hundred twenty starts, I never refused the ball,” Bunning said. “What a joke!”

“He was in the top one percentile,” Bunning said, pinching his thumb and forefinger together. Now, Bunning said, he’s closer to the 50th percentile.

Jim Bunning pitched 104.1 innings prior to his 25th birthday. Strasburg turned 22 last Thursday, and has already pitched 54.1. You’d think that ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of unemployed Americans would satisfy Bunning, but apparently he’d also like to destroy the career of a promising young athlete.

I’d like to believe that Bunning’s retirement will open up the possibility of a non-embarrassing junior Senator. I’d like to believe that…

B&P Fundraising Drive

[ 0 ] June 28, 2010 |

Over the last couple of years, Barefoot and Progressive has been doing some hilarious and vital work on Kentucky politics. Such value requires time and money; if you want daily Rand Paul updates (and who doesn’t), then send Media Czech some love.

For example…

Big Basketball and Big Coal: Two Tastes that Taste Great Together

[ 8 ] June 23, 2010 |

There are consequences for devotion to big coal?

Wendell Berry, perhaps Kentucky’s best-known writer, is pulling many of his personal papers from the University of Kentucky’s archives to protest the naming of Wildcat Coal Lodge.

Berry excoriated his alma matter in a Dec. 20, 2009, letter, saying the decision to name a new dorm for UK basketball players the Wildcat Coal Lodge “puts an end” to his association with the university.

“The University’s president and board have solemnized an alliance with the coal industry, in return for a large monetary ‘gift,’ granting to the benefactors, in effect, a co-sponsorship of the University’s basketball team,” Berry wrote in the typewritten letter. “That — added to the ‘Top 20’ project and the president’s exclusive ‘focus’ on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — puts an end to my willingness to be associated in any way officially with the University.”

This Will Only Spur Further Aggression…

[ 4 ] June 17, 2010 |

This sounds like appeasement.

We are pleased to announce the University of Kentucky will provide a one-time, lump sum payment for eligible faculty and staff during the 2010-11 fiscal year. This one-time payment is designed to reward eligible faculty and staff at a time when economic conditions have limited our ability to offer annual merit increases.

Though we regret being unable to offer annual merit increases to our outstanding staff and faculty this year, our University administration has worked in recent months to identify more than $6 million in one-time funds needed for the one-time payment: Over 80 percent of non-UK HealthCare employees will benefit as a result.

Zombie Henry Clay: Rand Paul is an Embarrassment to the Commonwealth of Kentucky

[ 10 ] May 22, 2010 |

If Luke Russert continues to score points off the state of Kentucky’s leading Senate candidate, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Clay get up, leave his tomb, and appear himself on this week’s Meet the Press:

Twitter is abuzz with word that Rand Paul is trying to cancel his appearance this Sunday on Meet the Press, probably because the biased media keeps asking him about things he’s said, like jerks. Meet the Press is responding with a public shaming — both host David Gregory and executive producer Betsy Fischer are tweeting about it.

Update: Luke Russert is joining in on the Twitter shaming, channeling his deceased father, the former host of Meet the Press: “Hey Dr. Paul, if you can’t answer tough questions how are you going to be able to make tough decisions as a U.S. Senator? -TJR.” (We think he’s referring to this line of Tim’s.)

The Randernaut is setting records for “not ready for prime time, or even Sunday morning time.” Incidentally, it’s obvious that Rand’s particularly vision of the relationship between the individual and the federal government would appall Clay, who strongly believed in the necessity of Federal investment in and facilitation of local economic activity.

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Hitting Back on the Libertarian Nonsense

[ 22 ] May 21, 2010 |

Nice, from Jack Conway:

Less than 48 hours after Tuesday’s primary election and it’s already become painfully clear: Rand Paul’s narrow and rigid ideology would have dangerous consequences for Kentucky’s working families, veterans, students, disabled citizens, and anyone without a voice in the halls of power.

Students who need federal loans to help pay for college? Sorry. Disabled people facing discrimination on the job? Tough luck. What about a person of color who is refused service at a restaurant? Paul thinks businesses should be free to do that.

Rand Paul says that there’s too much government oversight in America today. Really? Does he think that too much government oversight caused the oil spill in the Gulf, the collapse of Wall Street and the housing market crash?

If you think Rand Paul is completely out of touch with the vast majority of Americans, you’re right – he is. So it’s up to us to stop him.

Making clear the (extensive) benefits that Kentuckians receive from government is key; the mention of the disabled twice is not accidental.

KY Election Results

[ 1 ] May 19, 2010 |

Good news from Kentucky, where Jack Conway managed to beat Dan Mongiardo.  Conway is more progressive than Mongiardo and polls better; against the Randernaut he might have a chance. As in all things Kentucky, follow Media Czech at Barefoot and Progressive for updates on the situation.

I also have to give a shout out to friend, former student, poker buddy, and conservative Republican Ryan Quarles, who managed to win his Kentucky State House Republican primary against a teabagger opponent. Ryan and I agree on little apart from the merits of Patterson and the value of the check-raise, but nevertheless…

Derby Day!

[ 7 ] May 1, 2010 |

So, there is a horse racing event of some note over in Louisville this afternoon. I would be remiss in failing to make some recommendations:

1. Conveyance 12-1 (a gray horse with a nice, practical name)
2. Mission Implazible 20-1 (unconventional spelling of “implausible” seals the place)
3. Jackson Bend 15-1 (looks feisty)

Take it to the bank! Or to your bookie. Either way.

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