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Whether they know it or not, those discussing American hegemony—or one of its synonyms—draw upon an extensive body of historical and theoretical scholarship. This scholarship comes in various flavors, such as power-transition theory and hegemonic-stability theory. These theories are not identical. But, aside from one major exception, we can treat them as part of an […]

RIP Kenneth Waltz

In Robert Farley
On May 13, 2013
It is with great sadness that I note that Kenneth Waltz, author of Man, the State, and War and Theory of International Politics, has passed away. Waltz’ importance to the discipline of international relations is immeasurable; MSW and TIP helped establish the frameworks under which political scientists would study IR for nearly four decades, even […]
Among events I attended last week at the International Studies Association Annual Conference: an informal discussion on the relationship between IR feminist theory and security studies, organized by my Duck of Minerva co-blogger Laura Sjoberg. Some of the questions posed to the participants in advance: What (if anything) can feminist theory teach security studies? What […]
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