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It’s difficult to plow through the many layers of rank idiocy in the assertion that Turkey is “lost to the Islamists”; I can identify at least a few… The insinuation that the oppression of the Kurds was launched by AKP, rather than by the secular Turkish Army. The odd definition of “democracy” that includes occasional […]

Sotomayor on Economic Issues

In General
On September 22, 2009
An interesting article by Jess Bravin about Sotomayor’s recent oral argument queries about whether treating corporations as the equivalent of persons for constitutional purposes: But Justice Sotomayor suggested the majority might have it all wrong — and that instead the court should reconsider the 19th century rulings that first afforded corporations the same rights flesh-and-blood […]

Goldberg on HRW

On July 17, 2009

Matt Duss has a nice post on Jeffrey Goldberg’s recent silliness regarding Human Rights Watch. Yesterday Goldberg, following up on a WSJ editorial, gave the impression that by talking about thei

This is well out of my normal terrain, but a couple weeks ago a high profile commission reported on the future priorities of UK defense spending.  The commission, operating out of the Institute for Public Policy Research and led by a couple Lords (in this case Ashdown, the former LibDem leader and all purpose go-to […]
This is the third installment of a seven part series on the Patterson School’s Summer Reading List. World of Nations, William Keylor The Bottom Billion, Paul Collier Hide and Seek, Charles Duelfer Charles Duelfer worked for UNSCOM, the agency that investigated Iraqi compliance with UN resolutions mandating the elimination of chemical and biological stockpiles during […]
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