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This should chill anyone who supports American ethnic cleansing and leans on being a “legal” immigrant as the requirement to get into the country, no matter what threats they face back home. Research suggests the family of Anne Frank, the world famous Jewish diarist who died in the Holocaust, attempted to immigrate to the United […]
The difference between “good” Nazi humor and bad is about who gets to be the butt of the joke. “There can be no poetry after Auschwitz,” said Theodor Adorno. One can only imagine what he might of said about laughter. Black humor, dark humor, gallows humor; none of this is new to human cultures. Legendary American […]
It’s a good week for anti-Semitism in Europe. Monday morning, the Hungarian President signed a law that essentially bans Central European University from operating (as part of the ruling party’s obsessive anti-Soros campaign). But, ever a trend setter, Marine Le Pen made the spectacular statement this weekend that France was not responsible for the infamous […]


On March 17, 2012

I’m not sure a RIP is exactly in order here, but let it be known that John Demjanjuk, one of the last (possible?) links to Nazism and the Holocaust is no more. Share

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