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On February 11, 1978, Gail Slentz and her fellow reforestation workers in the cooperative called Hoedads went to plant Douglas fir seedlings on a mountainside near southwestern Oregon’s Umpqua River. After four hours of work, Slentz experienced dizziness and quit for the day. The next day, she suffered mid-cycle menstrual bleeding that continued for several […]
Too busy to blog today (in fact, with a book due in 6 weeks, that may be a not infrequent occurrence for a bit). But not too busy to put up another British Pathe film, this time on another topic close to my heart: logging. Watching this footage, especially of the guys working on the […]

Illegal Logging

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On October 19, 2013
Illegal logging is not something the progressive community takes particularly seriously, but it’s actually a very big deal, not only in Brazil (where it does get attention) but in Mexico (where the cartels have expanded their operations) as well as in Peru, as discussed here. This is an area where state attention to an issue […]
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